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British Museum (Part 2)

Part two of the British Museum, including being paparazzi of two Asian girls, more of the main hall, Egyptian stuff, Cradle to Grave and more!

 A model a miniature building represeting a Buddhist mandale in three dimensions in cloisonné enamel, with coral, silver and jade. Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, dated AD 1772.
This is jewellery!

Cradle to Grave by Pharmacopoeia
Cradle to Grave by Pharmacopoeia explores our approach to health in Britain today and addresses some of the ways that people deal with sickness and try to secure well-being.
This was quite an interesting one. It shows two lenghts of fabric to illustrate the medical stories of a man and a women. Each one contains over 14.000 drugs, which is the estimated average prescribed to every person in Britain in their lifetime.
Some treatments are comment to both, the injection of vitamin K and immunisations, antibiotics and painkillers. The man has asthma and hay fever when young, but enjoys good health until his fifties. At seventy, he stopped smoking after a bad chest infection and is treated for high blood pressure for the remaining 10 years of his life.
The man dies at age 76, having taken as many pills in the last ten years of his life, as in the first 66...

The woman takes contraceptive pills when young and hormone therapy in her mid life. After a mammogram she is diagnosed and successfully treated for breast cancer. In old age she develops arthritis and diabetes, but is still alive aged 82.


  1. that miniature building model!

  2. Lovely pictures, once again! I loved that passage (last photo) too. :)