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Natural History Museum London

natural history museum inside
On Sunday morning I visited the Natural History Museum (and more, stay tuned). While I was there just past opening time, there was already a que!
Natural History Museum in London building
natural history museum main entrance
natural history museum stained glass windows
natural history museum big tree
Natural History Museum Mineral Room
stained glass window london, natural history museum stained glass window
The building is huge and very pretty. I spent a lot of time in the main hall trying to get good pictures. Also tried panoramics, but unfortunately, they didn't turn out well.
Despite the que, the museum didn't feel overly crowded and some halls were nearly empty (e.g. the mineral room) and the vault attached to it.

The best thing about it, entrance to the museum is free! :D

If I lived in London, I would go nuts with the free museum! 


  1. Really brilliant! I can't wait to visit!

  2. i think your pictures turn out well. i'm not so much of a museum person, but i'd go for the architecture of the building

  3. Free museums are the BEST! :)
    You totally nailed that second picture. Gorgeous.
    And I would LOVE to visit that mineral room.

  4. Thank you Charlotte! In that case, best to put it as the first picture! :D

    It look so lovely in real life. Have you been there as well?

  5. oh i really need to go here!

    from helen at

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  6. This looks awesome! Free museums are the best. I especially love that picture of the dinosaur from the top.

  7. I am certain I've been here but the place looks so unfamiliar to me...? Anyhow, I love that first photo you took of the place, that lighting!

  8. beautiful pictures. love the lighting and shadows in the first picture!