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London Trip in September: Camellia's Tea House, NFL on Regent Street and more!

NFL on regent street, NFL cheerleaders,
NFL On regent street
Click for foodies, a random ballerina in a giant ball, and more!

Rum Kitchen, Camellia's Tea House, Kingly Court,
Our Brunch at Cafe Latte Soho, near the Nudie Jeans repair shop. We shared a few pancakes with bacon & maple syrup.

I saw this and I could only think: "what the....?"

Pretty fancy shop window!

Second day in London, after the Tower of London, it was time for some shopping, brunch, more food and more shopping.
We visited Nike Town, which was so crowded. Apparently the Miami Dolphins (rugby team) were there, luckily the running department wasn't as crowded. Didn't buy anything though.
We had such great weather, we sat down outside at Le Pain Quotidien and had some wine/coffee and a waffle at 8PM! After that, we went back to our Hotel.


  1. I love the street decoration in the last photo! Ah, I love London so much! :)

  2. It was a dummy! :3
    But it was so random.

    Tea & scones are very nice :]

  3. that chocolate cake looks sooo yummy. hhaa, i thought that was a real person in the ball and i was wondering how long she had to hold on to that pose.