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British Museum (Part 1)

British Museum Front
Samurai Armour, Samurai Armor, Samurai Britisch Museum
On the last day of our trip to London I also visited the British Museum, the building is massive and the main hall is very impressive. I hadn't nearly have enough time to visit every part of the museum (a shame really), but here is an impression of some of the works and things I saw!

British Museum Dragon Bowl
British Museum Large Bowl with dragons
The enlightment room
Rock Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones was lied too! The skull turned out to be European! (And made by machines apparently!)

British Museum Roof
The building itself is very lovely! This is taken in the main hall.
Part 2 is coming up soon!


  1. amazing. love that last picture. i have had times when i would visit a museum and wouldn't have enough time to look around. boo!

  2. Prachtige museum met prachtige stukken c:
    Die krystal schedel doet me denken aan
    Alexander McQueen :P

  3. I didn't know they had a crystal skull in there! We visited the British Museum when we went to London last december (I took the almost exact photo of the main hall ceiling, ha!) and loved it. We've only visited a small section too though (Egypt!).

  4. This looks cool :) As a child I couldn't have cared less about museums but as I've gotten older I find it really interesting - would totally just spend a day off at a museum!

  5. Thank you Jane! :]

    (P.S. I am looking for a new runner, do you know someone who might be interested in the Running High?)

  6. It was quite stuffed away in a corner!

    I think I skipped out on the Egypt/Greek part, I only saw the first bits, and then I really had to go!

  7. It's definitly worth a visit, I bet you could spend a full day there!