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Slapfest - The weirdest shit on the internet right now

Believe it or not, but apperently there is a slapfest trend going on in Korean TV. So, naturally, folks on the internet will mess it up.

The clips in the remix come from the "Kimchi slap", that went viral online after it was aired in the MBC morning drama "Everyday, Kimchi!". (Old lady + guy in white shirt). The other two, well, they are actually commercials! And guess what they are advertising?

... Go on... See, for yourself... (Spoiler below!)

Didn't get it?

It's tea. To be precise, "calming tea". 

I rest my case.
Cheers x]

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  1. That's some pretty weird shit indeed... *slaps herself*

  2. Oh my, this is so weird/funny! :)

  3. OK this is pretty weird!!