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Running High - Emily of Lookforpinky

For those who don't know you, could you give a short introduction of yourself and your blog?
This is Emily over at lookforpinky, I blog about everything that I can capture with my camera. It's usually about our new life in La Jolla since a recent move from Los Angeles, our beagle dog, my work, trying new things in the kitchen and other odds and ends.

When did you start running?
About six years ago I started running on a regular basis. I had been out of school for a couple of years and was getting antsy from sitting in an office all day.

You mentioned you run by yourself, why is that?
For me, running is my alone time. It's when I can clear my mind and not think about anything for a good chunk of time. I don't mind running with a friend once in a while but I find it hard to have good conversations while running - I run out of breath!

What's the longest distance you have ever run?
About 11 miles. I was training for a race but something came up last minute and never actually ran the race. It felt like such an accomplishment after I ran the 11 miles, I thought I could do anything!

Do you follow a special training program or do you just simple run?
I just run. I love running because of its simplicity. It's not an expensive or complicated sport. It doesn't involve coordinating a time with other players. It's just you and preferably good weather. I love that about running.

Have you ever run barefoot?
No but now I'm a little curious. Do you? What's the benefit?

Do you have an athlete or someone else who is your inspiration? If so, who is it?
The director of a college christian fellowship that I had attended at UCLA was a runner. He was in his sixties at the time and ran everyday. He once told me how he thought I would make a good runner if I get into it. He explained to me how simple it is and how he has benefited from running over the past four decades. I ran off and on throughout college but never really got what he was talking about until after I started working.

What's your running gear equipment?
I have a pair of running shoes I've been using for 5 years now. I run in my yoga pants in the winter and running shorts in the summer. I always have my iphone with me and usually listen to podcast as I run. I also use the RunKeeper App to keep track of my distance and time. See, simple.

Do you read about running too? (Magazines, Blogs etc)
You are the first running blog I'm reading and am really loving it. Since running is such an individual thing for me, I didn't realize how great it can be to be connected to a community of runners out there.

Are you planning on doing a race anytime soon? (If so, which one, if not, why not?)
A friend just asked me to run the SeaWheeze (lulu lemon) half marathon in Vancouver next year. If life permits, I would love to do that with her. Our husbands are high school friends so we would be able to make a nice trip out of it.

Any tips for starters?
Just run, don't over think it. If you have shoes, you can run. My advice for people that want to run long distance is to push yourself past your usual limit. I find that at around the 3 mile mark is usually when I want to stop but once I push myself past that it's as if my body wants to stay in motion so everything becomes a little easier.

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  1. I haven't ran in a couple of months and keep saying I need to start again. For me it's hard to focus on running in pavement - I was more of a treadmill runner because it was easier to check my stats, drink water and such. But I like the feeling of breathing in crisp air especially now that it's fall.. I also do better with a running partner, especially when I'm starting up again, so I guess it's time to just grab my running shoes and partner and go!

  2. i love this series so much! "just run, don't overthink it" - love that advice. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  3. I have not run barefoot. I don't know if I would like it. Supposedly the benefit is that you are running "naturally" how it was intended to be, but who knows. I can't believe you've been running in the same shoes for 5 years! I feel like I have to switch mine out at least every year. I start getting blisters and my knees start hurting, and that's the signal that I need new ones :)

  4. I also love running alone. It's a great time to be with yourself. :)
    And I absolutely agree about the simplicity of running. It's such a simple and yet fulfilling activity!

  5. You're most welcome! Happy autumn to you too!