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How I started Running (+ running update)

I started running somewhere in February 2013. I think I had spring break or something and I recall I was watching TV. I was a bit restless/grumpy and wanted to do something. I didn't really know what though. I had downloaded a running app a few weeks ago and why the heck not?
Got my shoes (gymnastic shoes... bad idea. Three weeks later, I got shin splints due to wrong shoes.), my cotton sweatpants and shirt and left.

I absolutely loved it. The first time, which was 1 min run, 1,5 walk and repeat for 6 times, went by like a blast. I even went back to the halfway point and continued. The second time was great too. The third time sucked. But I kept going. Even with shin splints.

Running made me feel better. Not saying that running is the solution to everything, but I gained some confidence and all those endorphins after a run do give you a good boost.

In May in ran my first 5K and a few weeks later the city run. I had a blast. The run was great, the vibe was awesome. Random people saw my name tag and cheered me on. My dad was at the finished line but in my final burst to the finish line I didn't even see him! ^^"

After the city run I thought I could do a faster 5K. Since I had run the race with my friend who didn't train as often as I did, I followed her pace and sort of pushed her forward for the last kilometer. So, after a couple of rest days after the run I got my game on and...

Absolutely nothing. I couldn't even keep it on for 1K. What the? Oh well, I kept on training and eventually I was back at 5K. However at the beginning of 2014 I started getting problems with my lower legs yet again. I didn't know why this time. I had just gotten new shoes, bought from the local shoe store and properly fitted etc. So I didn't think of it much. Rested for a week. Took it slow etc. But eventually it just wouldn't work anymore.

Here comes trouble...
So, the 10th of May 2014, I had to stop. Bummer. I couldn't run this years city run with my colleague and several other races I wanted to do.

10 trips to the chiropractic later, I am finally allowed to run again. But with interval. Which isn't exactly a problem 'cause I have to start all over again. So, 1 minute run, 1,5 walk and repeat again. Though I couldn't go running straight away because I had a cold. So last Sunday I had my first run and I just finished week 1 of the program. I still feel something in my leg and today I was quite stiff in my lower back, but that could be just the cold. I don't know. I'll do week 2 and then I have to go back to the chiropractic and also the physiotherapist, he's going to look at my walk. Perhaps I walk like a cow or something and that could be a reason of my injuries. Or not. I don't know, I'll see next week!

Just now I've finished the first three weeks of the training app. My cold is gone, but my shin splints/compartment syndrome or whatever the bloody hell it is, it's totally back. #$(*$(&%@!!

So, no more running, doing Foundation exercises daily, train my left knee, stretch my toes etc for two full months and then I go back to the chiropractic in November. I must say that I am absolutely motivated to run, I however, find it very difficult to motivate myself for anything other than running in terms of exercises. Those small things like stretching and rotate your ankle, but those Foundation exercise.. Damn, I just don't like it!

I hope I can complete the two months and then see some actual results, because I just want to run and I've had enough of all those trips to the chiropractic.

If you have any tips, words of encouragement, favourite work outs, please share them with me!


  1. Ah, running can be a bit hard on the joints. Have you tried classes/workouts? I really enjoy pilates and body pump classes. I tend to find running a little boring so I enjoy classes which switch things up, especially exercises which kick my ass. The feeling after you push yourself is amazing.

  2. Echt? Wat gaaf! :D Don't worry, binnen een aantal weken gaat het al stukken beter!

    Beetje rekken/strekken en 5 min inlopen op snel wandeltempo.

  3. We have a very good local shoe store where they let you run outside with the shoes and they analyse your run. I don't know either what is exactly the cause, but I hope this will be the final things ^^"

  4. Perhaps I should give it a try! Thanks for the tips :]

  5. www.lookforpinky.wordpress.com18 September 2014 at 07:46

    Sorry to hear of your latest injury. I don't have any advice or tips but hope that you recover soon. Take your time, take it easy and take of yourself!

  6. i'm so sorry to hear that. it must be really hard to not be able to do the things that you love. i hope you are getting well real soon. my thoughts with you (come run visit me soon!)

  7. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! I agree with Eva, classes are fun and different. As you already know, ever since I started going to classes I started running less. This is how great and fun classes are. :)

    Take care of yourself, and I really hope you'll feel better/recover soon!

  8. Agh sorry to hear your shin problems are back :( It's so frustrating to have to stop running for a time, all that progress gone! Good luck :)

  9. =o Running less! Those classes must be really good then!