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Hortus Botanicus Leiden

I visited the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. I have never been there before and was quite curious. Click on for a sunny day in Leiden, greenhouses, Von Siebold garden and more!

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"Tropical rainforest: four layers 
You are now standing 7 metres (23 feet) above the ground; the roof of this glasshouse is 14 metres (46 feet) high. That seems very impressive - but trees in the tropical rainforest can grow much taller than this, to a height of 60 metres (66 yards). Four layers of vegetation can be distinguished in a tropical rainforest: the forest floor; the shrub layer or "understory" (up to 10 meters (11 yards)); the first layer of tree tops or "canopy layer" (from 20 to 30 metres (22 to 33 yards)); and the top layer of forest giants towering above these in the "emergent layer" (up to 60 metres (66 yards)). The higher the plant grows the more sunlight it can absorb. Climbing plants and epiphytes have found an even quicker route to the light: they use their host for support."
Von Siebold
Von Siebold Gedenktuin

The "Sterrenwacht" / star observatory
So, for only € 2,- (if you can show your student card, or for free if you study in Leiden) you can visit these gardens. They have several greenhouses and you can roam around in the other gardens too. There is a "tiny" memorial garden of Von Siebold in oriental style.
Do note that in the greenhouses it is very hot & humid, so pay attention to your camera. As the day itself was warm/sunny, I had no problems at all. I think I spent around one hour in the gardens (I didn't stay very long in the greenhouses).

Overall, it's nice to walk around (especially on such a lovely day), you can visit the observatory too for free (if it's open, which it wasn't when I go there). It might be fun to take a macro lens with you and go nuts with some lovely flowers you can find. I don't have macro lens (yet?) so the kit lens had to do this time.

There is also a lovely giftshop with cute notebooks and other quirky things.

Have you ever visited the botanic gardens in your place/elsewhere?


  1. Thank you Charlotte! :D
    Do you have a recommendation for a botanical garden in London?

  2. Sorry but we haven't visited any in London! But I've heard the Hampstead garden & pergola was lovely, and of course the Royal Botanic Gardens. :)

  3. They look nice!
    I don't think I can visit them though, they are a bit far from were we are staying and we've got only two days!
    *Mental note: must go to London again ;] *

  4. Oehhh ik heb nog mijn studentenpas :o
    Best een goeie deal 2 bucks c: Xx