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Funfair 2014

Click for the annual fun fair pictures!

Again, also this year I visited the fun fair. Despite the bad weather lately, the fun fair folks had some good days too! I only visited the fun fair at day, so I hope you like the shots. Not as much as previous years, but I like some of them :]
The green rollercoaster is called the Euro Coaster, it's the only coaster in the Netherlands with carts hanging below the tracks. I believe they need 8 trucks to carry the coaster (once it's dissembled) to it's next location!

Did you go the a local/annual fun fair?


  1. I definitely want to be able to make it out to a county/local fair this year. we always miss out!

  2. Leuke foto's c: Dit jaar heb ik de kermis overgeslagen..

  3. I haven't been to a fair for years. I think I need to go to one, and bring the little boy along!

  4. Such colourful pictures! I love how that lady in the second one is acting as if she was on the ground. I would be screaming and looking crazy if I was up there!

  5. I looove funfairs! Not a fan of the rides but I do like that clown game haha.

  6. Spoiler alert: she wasn't that high!

    It's called the Jumper, if you want to see it in action, here is a video someone took:

  7. The clowns move from left to right and I think you had to throw a ball in their mouth. The guy behind the counter was really funny, asked me if he would get in a newspaper. And I said no, "perhaps the Donald Duck". (Which is a comic about a duck, mainly for kids) as a Joke but he got really serious saying that he loved the Donald Duck! Oh dear! ^^"