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Hungary - Market in Nagykőrös

Did you notice that those clocks are actually fake and just painted on them?!
Before I show you the second day we spent in Budapest (prepare for awesoness!) I'd like to show you the market in Nagykőrös. Prepare for lots of old people on bikes, lots of bra's and more!

It actually sort of-ish forbidden to photograph people in Hungary by law. Not that anyone really cares about, especially not in a city like Budapest. Since my camera has the flippy tilty screen and a "stealth mode" as I call it, this market was a great way to go practice street photography. The big guy on the scooter didn't see me, but the guy on the picture above it did. Luckily, I pretended to look at my screen (as in reviewing pictures) and he kept on walking. I was actually going for an old man, but he was faster so I got "grumpy guy" instead!

Seriously, lots and lots of bra's! They look pretty huge too!

Nagykőrös Hösök tere, Hous of heros
This is the Nagykőrös Hösök tere/House of heroes. Somehow the print on the roof reminded me of like a Lious Vitton bag or something.

Very cool door!

I also got a ride in this old timer Nissan! Pretty cool! :]

In the evening we had dinner at "Geréby", which was very nice. I think it was one of the better dinners we had during our stay. It was nice, more than one flavour and reasonable priced. And if you eat outdoors, you are sort of in a forest. Very nice!

I hope you all have a good weekend!
More to come! You can view all the post from Hungary here: Trip to Hungary!


  1. I love that door! And that ride must've been so much fun! :)

  2. Oh I didnt know you couldn't take photos of people in Hungary. That would make things a bit hard! And wow, that is a looot of bras hahaha.

  3. i love that green door. and seniors with bikes are rad! :)

  4. Love the green door too and so cool you got a ride in the vintage car!

  5. I was taking that picture with you in mind! Thought you might like it! :]

  6. *Stealth mode activated* *flips out screen* *puts it on silence mode* and goooo time!:]
    Though, I didn't want to overdo it and shove my camera in their face! ^^"

  7. Glad you like it! :]
    (p.s. Do you still have a Disqus account or not?)

  8. Especially with the watermelon on it! :]