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Hungary Day 4 - Budapest (part 5)

The Hungarian Parliament Building from Buda
The violin player was part of a small group (and they really tried to sell you CD's), they would play your requests too! In the back you see the parliament building of Budapest.

Hungarian Parliament Building, Országház, Budapest at night, night photography Budapest, Night photography
Click for more violin players, the fisherman's bastion at night, the hungarian parliament building and more!

There were lots of spots too sit down underneath the arches, which give you a great view! I just sat there for a while too at night, just to take in the view, without taking pictures or anything. Just enjoying the view!

I just love the look on this ladies face!

Great doors!

Dragons are cool!

Budapest Parlement Panaroma
You may have seen my current banner in a big size (if not, it was the picture above!). That's the view from the fisherman's bastion on the Hungarian parliament building. We went close to Danube itself to get a picture right in front of the building. Unfortunately, boats were in the way and I couldn't get a picture straight ahead. The one below is the best I could do.

The building is covered in lovely light and some birds/bats(?) were flying all over it!

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  1. You got good night shots! I'd love it if they were bats flying over at night haha.

  2. Gorgeous! Night shots are so hard to take, your turned out beautifully. :)

  3. oh my god. that last picture is jawdropping beautiful. and the view from the fisherman's bastion is gorgeous as well!

  4. Thank you very much Jane! :]

  5. It took patience and a tripod ;]