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Hungary Day 2 - Budapest (part 3)

Shoes on the Danube Bank
These are the shoes on the Danube Bank, to the memory of the victims shot into the danube by arrow cross militiamen in 1944-45.
The picture below is the Royal Palace of Budapest.
Read on for lunch at Kuglóf, a very bored promoting guy and people relaxing!

victoria's secret promotor
We sat down for a lovely croissant and a Gugelhupf (Dutch: Tulband) at Kuglóf (location: Piarista Kóz). If you walk down you see lots of people chilling on the grass, reading box and all that.
You could rent lots of segways and kick scooter (though, with an engine!). I also saw the most unhappiest person of the day, the guy promoting the Victoria's Secret shop on the segway.

We stopped by the Philanthia Flower Shop, which reminded me of the "Efteling" (Dutch Theme Park) somehow, I only got to take one picture before I was told to stop.

After that, we walked down the danube to see the shoes monument and more people relaxing in the sun. When evening fell, which it does quite early in Hungary, it was raining here and there.

More to come! You can view all the post from Hungary here: Trip to Hungary!


  1. Prachtige Boedapest heb je hier weten vast te leggen c; Xx

  2. Thank you! :] My favourite are the ones at night, they are coming up soon!

  3. that last picture is beautiful. that sky and view!

  4. Bean bags in the park sound like a perfect idea! And that sunset + that view are gorgeous. :)

  5. Love that last picture! Seeing a view of the city I'm visiting is one of my favourite things to do.

  6. Thank you Jane! :]
    Then I am sure you'll love the pictures I took in Budapest at Night! (They are coming up soon!)