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Hungary Day 2 - Budapest (part 2)

Dohány Street Synagogue
In this post: the market inside the Dohány Street Synagogue, Congregatio Jesu Church, old man writing checks and street views of Budapest!

Dohány Street Synagogue market

people at Dohány Street Synagogue
fruit at Dohány Street Synagogue
Congregatio Jesu Church ceiling, Congregatio Jesu paintings
Congregatio Jesu Church
gargoyle etterem, gargoyle
After our refreshing lunch at Anna Café we went inside the Dohány Street Synagogue.  It wasn't what we had expected. A huge market with fresh fruits (you know there is a paprika in Hungary that's called "TV paprika"?), clothes in old styles, old men writing checks and fresh juice. And a whole lot of butchers too! You could also go up the stairs and walk around there.

We just followed the street and after many shops and ice cream stalls (they eat a whole lote of ice there!) we stumbled upon the Congregatio Jesu Church. The Church had some nice ceilings, but a large part was in dire need of renovation.

We saw some cool statues on the street and a funny gargoyle like sign at a restaurant. The statue pictured above the gargoyle actually had a whole lot of spikes and was covered in netting to prevent birds from shitting al over it. (You can't really see the netting on the picture, but it was fully covered.)

The last two pictures of a square with lots of restaurants and the Hard Rock Café. You could also get a bike taxi!

Coming up
- Fishersman's Bastion
- Danube
- Hungarian Parliament Building
- Shoes on the Danube Bank

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  1. I love gargoyles. I read a book once about gargoyles in Paris (can't remember the name!). It was fascinating.
    Lovely pictures! :)

  2. Let me know if you remember to book! :] & Thank you!

  3. www.lookforpinky.wordpress.com28 July 2014 at 21:10

    Love these pictures!!

    Sorry for the mixed up with the running series, I thought you just needed my email. I wasn't sure where I should leave the response so hope here is ok.

    - Indoor/Outdoor runner?
    - Alone/together?
    - Have you done races?
    - Are you a sprinter or a long distance runner?
    long distance runner in case you need to get in touch with me :)

  4. Budapest looks like an interesting place! Looking forward to more from you x