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Hungary Day 1 - Kecskemét

cityhal of kecskemét
I'm back from Hungary with a whole lot of pictures! This is day 1 in Kecskemét. Prepare for more, and my new blog banner is a lovely teaser for what is to come!

Read on for some shopping, best coffee and cakes for less than €3,- per person and sightseeing!

kecskemét market
kecskemét laternpole changing
So I'm back from Hungary! I already waded trough more than 700 pictures and video's, of which I selected 200, oh dear!

This is the town Kecskemét! We went there on a Sunday and stumbled upon a small market. The main square has some very nice buildings around and the ceiling from the city halls are very lovely too. There is a shopping mall as well, and if you go to the second last floor you find Libri (bookstore) and attached to it, Cafe Frei. I ordered a "Miama beach Vanilla Machiatto"  (quite a mouthful) and a truffel cake. With the three of us, we spent less than € 9,- (converted back to Euro from Forint) for 3 coffee's and cakes!
And let me tell you, they were good! :]

After that, we wandered around some more and came accross and old Mercedes and and old scooter, a Simson Schwalbe. We did some shopping at Tesco at were amazed about some very low prices for food. Seriously, if you got Euro's, you're good! 1000 HUF is € 3,23.  So, for a whole loaf of bread we paid € 0,30! Which, is not much!

More to come!
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  1. i'd love to hear more stories and see more pictures! it seems like a vintage kind of town.

  2. What gorgeous pictures! Those ceilings are amazing and I love your banner. Looking forward to seeing more.
    I'm so happy you had a great time! :)

  3. Thank you Charlotte! A new post is live (here: Budapest) and more is coming up!

  4. beautiful pictures and colors! hope you had a grand time :)