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Sport armband: Tune Belt AB87 Review

I ordered a new sport bracelet/armband because I upgraded my phone. I already had a Tune Belt before, and as I really liked it, I went with the same brand. I got a yellow AB87, for the Iphone 5/5S.

The specs:
- You can still use touchscreen
- You can wash it
- It's reflective
- It holds your phone snugly (especially if you use it with a Clear Griffin Case as I do)
- Also in black and pink.
- Price: € 22,- (Dutch:  via or € 19,95 for the one in black (no reflective part)

You can adjust the band by the elastic strap and you can also put the cord of your earbuds behind the tape part on the left.

I am really pleased with this belt, it's comfy, it stays put and it works. The only thing I dont't really like is that if I wear it on my bare arm, it get's a little itchy after a while. But then again, I'm quite sensitive to things like that. I feel almost every thread and tag in my clothes.

Rating: 4,5/5 -> Recommend!

What's your favourite sport armband/bracelet?


  1. I bought a sport armband a few months ago (which was on sale at £1!), but it didn't work for me and I ended up buying a Spibelt, which I find more practical. The armband had two zips that made noise while I ran (I had to roll them in tape to avoid the noise!) and I thought the armband was either too tight or too loose around my arm. I guess this is why it was on sale. Yours looks and sounds way more practical!

  2. My parents got me one on sale too, but that one was really itchy, had some of that sticky part at the back which almost cut my skin etc.
    This one costs €22,- and it's well worth it, the black version is slightly cheaper (€20) but has no reflective parts!

  3. Ik ren niet dus ik heb het waarschijnlijk niet
    echt hard nodig :P fijn datie goed werkt
    voor jouw! Xx

  4. Hm I don't actually have one, I usually just hold my phone in my hand and I haven't dropped it yet, haha. I'm always skipping songs etc so it's more convenient for me like that.