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How To Prevent Sport Injuries - 6 Tips!

If you can, try to avoid a sport injury. Having one and trying to get rid of it, is a long term process that requires a lot of recovery training and it can be painful. Preventing is recommend.
  • Warm up & cool down
    Always do a proper warm up and cool down. You might have sat down at school/work/intership all day and you muscles aren't warm or stretched. You can find plenty of warming ups and cool downs online. If you think it's all rubbish, atleast try to walk for a couple of minutes before slowly going faster to your normal pace.
  • Take it easy!
    A lot of injuries occur because (new) runners go too fast, too long or too often. Use an app or a scheme you found online and use it as a guide line.
    If you recover slowly from a run or start to feel pain, it's a signal you should take it slow. A couple of days rest shouldn't be a harm to your scheme.
  • Try another sport
    Adding another sport to your scheme, also called crosstraining, is in a way a relax day for your feet and legs. Go swimming or cycling, or try yoga, pilates, dancing. The more you use muscle you don't use during running, the less chance you have on overloading your muscles.
    If you did got an injury, this is a way to keep your condition up to the mark.
  • Easy on the races!
    If you do a lot of races, remember it takes time to recover. A week after a 10K race, and a month for a marathon. Top runners are convinced they can only do 2 or 3 good marathons a year, it is a huge performance that takes a lot of your body.
  • If you do get injured
    Plan your comeback in the future far, far away. As shitty as it is, take your time. Take more time than you actually need. After being out of the running, your muscles, joints, feet, bones, ligaments are not used to the impact anymore. They need time to get back on level. Aside from that, there is a chance that if you are not fully recovered and start too quickly, you can easily get injured again.
  • Vary your surface
    There are a lot of argument/studies going on if the type of surface is of any influence. However, whether or not it is, it wouldn't hurt to change the surface. For example, when you are running on the road, it might not be a flat surface. If you constantly run the same route, you could get injuries. Compare it as running on a hill, but not up or downwards, but sideways, that doesn't walk nice, now does it?
    Aside from that, variation can also increase motivation and keeps it more fun. When not try to do a short round on the beach or dunes? Or go trail running in the forest or hills.
Do remember, I am not a certified specialist, and if you aren't either, I suggest you visit one to get the correct treatment! 


  1. Great tips and advice! I really need to change my running shoes in the coming weeks. :)

  2. Glad you like them Charlotte! :]

    Do you have a particular pair of shoes in mind?

  3. I have absolutely no idea! This is the first time I'll be buying new shoes since I started running, so I don't know much about running shoes, really. I will have to ask for help in the shop! If you have any advice on your favourite brands, etc, I'm all ears! :)

  4. Well, what I really recommend you to do is the following:
    - Go to a running store (not just a sport store, no really running store)
    - Tell the sales person what kind of surface you run on and how many miles.
    - Try them out. The store I go to lets me try them out on the street at the back of the store. That's great!

    Listen to it, how do they feel? If it doesn't feel nice, don't do it. I tried on a pair and I really felt like I was trying to crush the surface on them. Not good. Sometimes they say a good shoe is a quiet shoe.

    I started with Asics, because I over pronate. I got the GT-1600 (? not sure about the nummers) and after a year or so, the inside get a hole on them in my heel area, resulting in blisters. So then I got the Asics Gel Kayano. It's said that the gel kayano 20 is the most complete shoe for over pronators on the market.
    For me, (I got number 19), it feels like a light, easy and soft shoe.
    Mind you though, the sales lady told me (But she runs everyday), that Asics is known for bad insides of the shoe. She needs a new pair of Asics every 3/4 months.

    I hope that made sense, I don't really know how to say it in English about the inside of the shoe ^^"

    But you can always message me if you have any more questions and I'll reply! :]

  5. Edited my reply a bit, should be clearer now ;]

  6. good tips! my friend and I, we're planning on taking tennis this month. somehow i should get my ass back on the right track i guess

  7. No problem! Happy to help you out!

    I was on the treadmill once too, I barely saw the difference between the two different shoes I ran on (the kayano and a saucony), but that's what the sales people are for!

    Let me know on what you decide on! :]

  8. I feel your pain ^^"

    Do you do any core stabilizing exercises or not? They might help you a bit. This exercise is a nice one, I've been doing it for a week, it focusses on the thighs, buns and hips, but stability as well.

  9. Tennis is nice too! :] It's always good to have a change in exercises to get the muscles you normally use a break and to train the others :]

  10. great tips! i never understood runners who didn't do a warm and cool down! they are really really great to do!

  11. Glad you like them Jane! :] Do you have a favourite type of warm up/cool down?