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Week 2 of No Running

It has been two weeks since I heard I shouldn't run for a month. And some of you might then that I complain too much, because I only have to stop for a month etc. But, nevertheless, I'd like to share it with you guys and I'd like to hear your stories as well!

The most annoying part is that I can't join the City Run anymore, I cannot run with my coworker. Instead, I shall cheer him on from the sidelines, and luckily I have sold my ticket to someone else (who's is doing the City Run for the first time). But it still feels not so nice so to speak.

How my legs feel, well, the first week they felt quite stiff (only the lower leg, shins/calves). It probably has to do with my current internship (40 hours a week behind the computer screen), but as always, I still walk with the dog and go to work on the bike. I walk two times during my work, and always go get the bread before the break, but still.

I can't really tell how it's holding up while I run, because I do listen to the chiropractor. And then, even after two more weeks, were I can probably start running again, I've decided to start all over again. Using my favourite 5K runner app from week 1. Great.

New Goals
Now I have never really trained for more than 5K, although I did run 7K with pure mental strength because I had to beat my friend in the Nike challenge (it felt so good, I was only running 2-4K that time because of my injuries, probably not the best idea though to do 7K).
My current plan is to use the app to get back to 5K in 8 weeks time. After that, I'll stick around on 5K for a while. Then I will use their 5K pace trainer app, another 8 weeks to get fast. I always felt that I should be going a little faster. Okay, so maybe 6/6:30 (Sometimes 5:30)/1K isn't that bad,  but I want to improve.
After that, I will stick around with the fast 5K and repeat the process with 10K. I want to see how far I can go. Perhaps I should try the Dam tot Dam loop, which is 16K.

Another thing that has me wonder are my shoes. I run with the Gel Kayano 19 from Asics, which is a stability shoe. Because of the chiropractics there is a chance I perhaps (eventually) can run with a neutral shoe. I don't know, I guess I just have to see where it goes.

Meanwhile at...
In the meantime, I'm trying to stay sane with reading about running. Debating whether or not I should do cross training (it's good for you, but I can not be motivated to do it. Wake me up at 6AM for a run, that's fine, but cross training, hell no.) And going all bubbly inside when I see other runners, because I want to go to.

What did you do when you were injured?


  1. I've never had to stop running for more than a week or two, but I can imagine how frustrating it must be! Your goals sound perfect to me. And cross training really helps, even if it's sometimes hard to get to it! You'd feel better afterwards, I promise! :)

  2. I really feel you, it's so frustrating when you've made lots of progress and you have to stop for a while. Good thing is, i've found that when you start again you can get back to where you were pretty quickly - because you've broken through the psychological barrier before! Hope you get better soon :)

  3. I shall give it a go, I tried this one yesterday, it was nice doing it (albeit somewhat hard to do). Think I shall do this every other day, wouldn't hurt to get a bit more flexible.

  4. Thank you very much Jane! :]

  5. I'm so sorry you can't run. I know what that's like firsthand. When I was injured, I just sat on my butt for the most part. I would take walks here and there, but that was it. I wanted to heal as fast as possible. I also "iced" my sore muscles/injured area a lot as well as foam rolling. There is with whether or not icing actually helps speed recovery and repair, but I've done no icing in the past, and, to me, it makes a difference, at least as far my muscles feeling better. I don't think anybody disagrees with the benefits of foam rolling. Also, they say that eating healthy will help speed recovery as well. I did also do some cross training with kettlebells and calisthenics. That helped break the monotony too.

    Asics are my go-to running shoes as well. I have slight pronation on my right inner foot, but I can actually go either way with shoes: neutral or stability. I have several pairs of running shoes that I rotate between to prevent injury and stress my muscles in different ways. I believe this helps. I no longer wear the stupid specialty soles that were made for me. I think they caused my hammy strain injury. I've never run with corrective soles for years without injury, and then all of a sudden this last training season leading into the marathon, I had a recurring repetitive hammy strain that just wouldn't go away. As soon as I threw those soles out, I had immediate recovery and felt the difference.

    You really have to learn your body well and find what works for you because everyone is different. Good luck and I hope you reach your goals! -Jess L

  6. Thank you Jessica for your thoughtful comment! :D

    I do have corrective soles, but the running store I went to said it wasn't necessary for me to wear them in my shoes, as the shoes would do it for me. I just have to see how it goes, I think I can start running next week, so... I doubt I will start at week one, I still hope I can run for more than one minute straight after a month of not running ^^"

    (p.s. What kind of other shoes do you use to run?)

  7. Okay, well I have found that I like Mizunos a lot as well. They seem to be "thinner" or lighter shoes for the most part, so I wear those for speed sessions or short/medium distance runs because they don't provide a lot of shock absorption or padding for long distances. I find that for long distances of 10 or more miles, my feet feel better with more of a shoe then less of a shoe, if that makes any sense. I found a link to my favorite Mizunos- the ones I wear now: They are an older model Wave Rider 16. Not sure if they ship overseas, but if interested you can probably find them on Amazon or other websites. Though it doesn't sound like you would want a lighter running shoe, I just thought that I'd attach a link so you can see what I'm talking about. Again, if something works for you, then I wouldn't change it. On the other hand, when you experience pain, weakness, or something abnormal, that's when you should start questioning what may have caused it or what may be causing it.

  8. I know what you mean! They sell Mizunos at the local running store too, I haven't tried them, they were not recommend to me. I did try the Saucony ones, but they felt really heavy & sluggish.

    I can definitely relate to wanting more of a "shoe" during longer runs, though my longest distance has only been 7K ^^"