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Sport injuries - I'm out of the running (for now)

So, yesterday I went to he chiropractor (the NIP version), for the fourth time in a row, and the dreaded words came out: "I'd advise you to stop running... For at least a month." Damnit. I can't run the second edition of the City Run I did last year. I signed up and trained and even convinced my colleague to join me, alas, I am only cheering him on at the sidelines instead of trying to surpass him at the end of the run. ;]

Once again, the problem is quite annoying and a long term issue. I hope however that after a full month of no running, and with starting all over again + chiropractor appointments, the problem can be fixed!

My first injury (last year) was somewhat my fault, I started running and I used my old gym shoes. I really didn't know. After a few weeks it resulted in shin splints.  With icing, stretching, massage and a lot of rest I finally got rid of it.

Now it is somewhat between shin splints and compartment syndrome, yikes! I started to get symptoms somewhere in December. As I wasn't really as fit and didn't run that much, I didn't think much of it. Perhaps it had been my shoes? The inside of my old Asics was getting loose and I got my current shoes, the gel kayano. I kept on training, 3 times a week, 3-5K. My dad said it was because of my new shoes, I had to get used to them.

But it still didn't got better. My left foot started sleeping during a run. My shins hurt, my calves were tight. I had to stop every 1K to stretch. After the run the pain would fade away. I slowed down my training, only 2-3K, which is not much. But still, no improvement.

I went to the kinesiologist which usually solves my problem. I got treated, one week of no running... Still no improvement. I went again and was told I was still standing straight (so to speak), I probably hadn't rested enough. Another week of nothing, but no results either.

My mother advised me to go to the chiropractor. As I am not a big fan of those "cracks" at my neck, NIP is a softer version which used muscle tension. The chiropractor noticed I was off balance, not standing straight and a lot of tension in my knees, thighs, feet and shins. I do feel some improvement and feel that my feet are not over pronating as much any more. It seems slightly less!
But as my mother would say, it's like a wound, everytime I would go running, I would irritate it, like a scab. I could go for 1 or 2 runs a week and the third time I would have to abort my run right away.

Let's hope that a full month of no running works. In two weeks I have to come back to the chiropractor, which is already an improvement of going every week. We'll see, wish me luck!

In the meantime, I shall keep you posted and give tips about injures and how to deal with them!


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope a month's rest will help!

  2. ah so sorry to hear! sending you healing thoughts!

  3. Oh, this sucks! I feel your pain, no pun intended! Have you run for a long period before without any injuries? If you have, think about the things you did or did not do, and sometimes that will clue you in on what you should change or shouldn't change. I am going to be writing a post on what led to my Carlsbad marathon injury and why I couldn't seem to get rid of my hammy strain thereafter when I had never been injured in my entire running life before. Really interesting to see the different things which can cause someone injury. I hope you get better and get back to running! It's one of the things that I live for. =) -Jess L

  4. Hi Jessica!

    Hm, well, I started off with wrong shoes (old gym shoes, not for over pronating) so that resulted in shin splints.
    When that was okay I upgraded the training, the plan was to go 3 times a week 5K each. I didn't make it too that, as I got my current issues. I don't really think I trained too hard, I gave myself a rest day, didn't push it too much etc. I ran around 2-4K instead of 5 as well.
    Than I got new shoes, which were supposed to be better for pronation. Aside from that, I think the fact that I have not been standing "straight" (you know, as in chiropractics, that you are off balanced) for a while... The NIP chiropractor I am visiting now says that perhaps he can fix me that well, that I even don't need my correction soles anymore (which I had for 4 years).
    Okay, too long for this comment ;]
    Would like to see your posts too!