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Running High - Start - Sign up here!

Do you life to run? Or do you like to run? Are you a trained marathoner or have you just started running? Are you going for that PR on 10K or are you just looking for a nice first 5K race?

If you answered yes on any of those questions above, I am looking for you! Friday will be the start of the new "Running High" series on charlotte's frame. 

Running High is about what motivates someone to run, why are they doing it, why do they like? Interviewed runners will give you an insight into their running, PR's and offer tips or perhaps share their favourite route or race. 

The Running High is a monthly thing, every third Friday of the month you can find the interview here on charlotte's frame, 3PM CEST/CET. 

I already interviewed a very lovely blogger. If you want to know who, you have to stay tuned! The first interview will go live 3PM CEST. If you don't want to miss a thing, you can follow my blog with GFC or with blogloving.

Would you like to join and be interviewed? Leave a comment below with your blog and emailadres, and I might contact you for the next one! :D

How does it work?

  1. Sign up by leaving a comment down below with your email.
  2. I'll contact you with a few simple questions if I cannot find information about running on your blog.
    These questions are:
    - How often do you run?
    - How many K's?
    - Do you run indoor/outdoor and alone/together?
    - Ever done any races?
    - Something you like to talk about?
  3. When I've got those answers, I'll personalize a Q&A for you.
  4. You answer them & sent me 2 to 3 images related to your runs. 
  5. I'll set the post up.
  6. And you'll link up to it as soon as it's life!
That's all!

You can find all the Running High interviews here.


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I just read the first interview and loved it. I would love to be part of Running High. :)

    My blog:
    My email: midnightcaramel(at)

  2. I sent you an email! Thanks for wanting to join Charlotte!

  3. thanks for your comment about joining this - i'd love to! my email is

  4. Hi Emily!

    I can't really find anything about running or your blog when I search for it. Am I missing something?

    If you could answer these questions I can personalize the questions for you:

    - Indoor/Outdoor runner?
    - Alone/together?
    - Have you done races?
    - Are you a sprinter or a long distance runner?

    Thank you! :]

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog - :)

    thought I'd answer the questions anyway!

    and here is my email elle.linton(at)

    - How often do you run?
    once / twice a week when not training for an event
    - How many K's?
    - Do you run indoor/outdoor and alone/together?
    outdoors usually with a run club
    - Ever done any races?
    many! all all listed on my Train with Elle page
    - Something you like to talk about?

    not sure what this question relates to?! ;)

  6. Hi Elle!

    Thanks for the reply!
    Well, it could be your favourite race, your best post run indulgence or that one special training tip! Just let me know and in the meantime I will work on your Q&A! :]

  7. Awesome :) So something I like to talk about? ...when it comes to running, I'm still looking for the answer to this question - "Can you run, and have it all?" ...I like to do soon many other things but at the same time chase PB's and am not certain if I have to commit 100% to running to be able to do that! :) x

  8. Hi Elle!
    I just send you an email, let me know if your okay with it, and if so, we can schedule it for November 21 if that works for you too! Let me know and thanks again :]