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I Run Spring

Nike Shirt, Asics Gel Kayano 19, Purelime longlseeve, Adidas running pants
The weather turns warmer (well...  Not today really) and the time for my wind proof running pants has ended. I have one pair of running shoes so they'll last a whole year I think. The pants and shirt are old too. I still don't want to wear tights for running. The Purelime longsleeve I bought at the start of the year. It's a very comfy and seamless shirt. It has some sort of stripes at the side and it's just really nice.

What's your favourite running gear for spring?

P.S. You can now easily find my all running posts here or click on the tabs right beneath the banner! You can find inspiration, good workout music, tips and anything else about running!


  1. Leuke sportkleding ;) (is ook belangrijk! ;P leuke & comfortabele kleding hebben)

  2. Jij snapt hem ;]
    En het rent natuurlijk wel prettiger als je goede kleding draagt dat ademt en niet schuurt!