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Haunting Art by Kris Kuksi

Unvield Obscurity

 "Unvield Obscurity"

Seraphim at Rest

 "Seraphim at Rest"

Intelligent Redesign
Intelligent Redesign details

"Intelligent Redesign"

Neo-Hellenism detail


Eros at Play
Eros at Play detail

"Eros at Play"

House of Facism

"House of Facism"

This incredible detailed work is made by Kris Kuksi. Kuski cuts and reshapes old objects, like small toys, mechanical components etc and refashions them in a work of art, that has little resemblance to the original appearance of the objects. He uses wood, model parts and metal. Kuski desribes these as "mixed media" that are melden by "a flowing composition and visual balance". His work often creates images in a disconcerting way, some pieces merge images of religion and warfare. You can click on the images to see the detail. You can find Kris on his website here and on Facebook here.


  1. fascinating and haunting at the same time!

  2. I know right, which is your favourite artwork?

  3. This artwork is so amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    xx rae lovefromberlin