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Chinese New Year at the Bijenkorf, Amsterdam - 新年快乐!

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Xinnian kuaile! ( Pronnounced as: Sin Njen Kwaai Luh) Happy Lunar New Year!
The Bijenkorf in Amsterdam was host of the Chinese New Year festival. Around 3pm they started with a dragon and lion dance, followed by a tea ceremony, and traditional Chinese music (on a Zither).
Chinese lion and cabbage
You could also have your name written in Chinese calligraphy. The little girl in the last picture was dancing around on the music, she was quite a charm. She made one of the zither players laugh too (second last picture fromt the row above). It was quite crowded and busy, but I am glad I was able to experience it!
We also got these small envelopes with a Chinese coin in it, red is the colour of good luck!

Xinnian Kuaili!


  1. Ik wilde ook gaan maar had geen tijd :c
    Wel leuk dat de Bijenkorf meedoet met
    de Chinese New Year c: Xx

  2. Aw that's too bad! Volgend jaar? :]

    Ik denk dat het voornamelijk marketing is. Chinezen kunnen btw-vrij winkelen en er wordt ook altijd in het Chinees omgeroepen in de Bijenkorf.

  3. beautiful pictures! the lion and dragon dances are quiet a sight!

  4. Woaah, your photos look great. Looks like an amazing atmosphere!! *_*