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Street Art Berlin - Graffiti, Alternative Tour - Part 1

When I was abroad we went on an alternative tour trough Berlin to see all the graffiti, artwork, prints, street art and the east side gallery. I saw some pretty impressive things, some artworks is huge and covers an entire wall from head to toe. The others were printed on.

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east side gallery, east side gallery printed car
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And even some 3D, the second last picture is an example of that. He's wearing glasses and the tube is his nose. As it was raining, you can see he had a runny nose...

More to come about this cool tour! :D

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  1. This tour looks like a good idea - we didn't see any of these when we were there!

  2. One of my classmates arranged it, I am not sure where she found it though!
    I hope two more posts about the tour planned, so if you liked it you can check them out! :]

  3. how great is this street art? I think my fav is the laser beam eyed man but I also really love the photo one on the ware house.

  4. These just look so interesting and beautiful! I love all of the colors and graphics.

  5. Part two is coming up in 5 hours! :]

  6. Second part is coming up in 5 hours!