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Blokarting - Summit Sports

I went blokarting, it is awesome! We went with 10 people so 2 of us had to switch, but everyone had a really good time!

You have to lay really low in the kart or else the sail will hit you, and you use a steering wheel and a rope to navigate. The harder you pull the rope, the faster you (are supposed to) go.
We had a few pro's with us, but most of us fell over and got stuck at the turn (including me).
However, I really recommend to try this out! It's fun and not expensive either! You pay € 25,- for around an hour of blokarting (that's the price of Summit Sports Blokarts), which is a lot cheaper than regular karting. (Also, you don't smell afterwards!)

Have you been blokarting before?


  1. oh my god! that's so fun! i've never been blokarting before, just ordinary gokart.

  2. Dit lijk me zo gaaf om te doen c: Xx

  3. This looks like so much fun - have not done this before but they are doing it on our beaches over here this summer.
    Many thanks for visiting my blog and I am now following you.
    Happy day

  4. Oh wow, I've never seen this before! Haha it looks awesome!

  5. Well, let me tell you, I fell over twice, and I never managed to ride a full round without stopping. I managed one corner, but the other.... I kept getting stuck! ^^"
    Nevertheless, I had a blast! :D You should definitely try it out if they offer it near your area!