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The Galaria in Berlin Alexanderplatz

Galaria shop display
I visited the Galaria in Berlin Alexanderplatz, they were already in the Christmas mood. I found some corny Christmas decorations and found the window displays very funny. 
corny christmas decorations

They were all moving around. So, the photographer "thing" moved up and down, a rock concert was going on and people were head-banging, the shark with the leg in its mouth was rolling around and there was a tug war going on between a guy and a robbery. I loved it.

P.s. Their chocolate truffle cake is awesome! :3

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  1. those decorations make me giggle too. haha. looks like lots of fun going in there. and that cake looks so wickedly yummy

  2. It's very nice, so if you are around, you should go! I bet there are many more Galaria's in Germany, but I don't know for sure!

  3. wow the chocolate truffle cake looks so delicious. and nutcracker ornaments always get me. :)