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Holocaust Memorial & Brandenburger Tor

Holocaust memorial at night, holocaust memorial
During my free time on the studytrip I decided to visit the holocaust memorial and the Brandenburger Tor. It was only 2 minutes with the U-bahn. The memorial was almost deserted that evening, but at the Tor it was quite busy!

brandenburger tor, brandenburger tor at night,
Have you visited these monuments before?

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  1. Zeer prachtige foto's hoor! Leuk dat
    je met school naar Berlijn gaat! Xx

  2. wow. pictures are stunning. there are lots of monuments in washington dc. we love going there. i want to go at night time though and take pictures. just has a different feel at night.

  3. Dankje! Het was in het kader van het project, maar daar is bijna niks aan gedaan. Gelukkig wel vrije tijd gehad!

  4. did you take these photos?! they're amazing! i would love to see this place one day...

  5. I did, thank you! I was alone at the memorial and had my mini tripod with me! :)