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A day in Deventer

Some pop up art, very nice.  Read on for the market in Deventer, lovely streets & food!



This is the lovely town of Deventer. On Friday there is a market, and there was a open cinema too (more about that later). We roamed around the town for a while and sat down for lunch at Food & Joy. Which has, in my humble opinion, one of the best (decaf) latte machiato's I've ever had. According to my mother the non decaf version was also very, very nice!

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(P.s. I already saw spicenuts (pepernoten) in the stores! This soon! I swear it gets sooner each year! For those who don't know, spicenuts are a tradition to eat around "Sinterklaas" at the 5th of December.)


  1. Jaa ik zag ook pepernoten! Echt bizar :P
    Leuke foto's van Deventer, ik ben er 1x
    geweest! Xx

  2. omg i love all these pictures! they really look like they're from a photobook. :)

  3. Morgen 27 graden en dan aan de pepernoten! Hurray!
    Dankje :]

  4. Deventer. i should write it down to my list

  5. that pop up art is so cool!