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Funfair at Night

These are my last shots of the funfair! I went on the Ferris Wheel to with my friend, but unfortunately the shots weren't great. These shots were taken over two nights, I used the 45mm f1.8 from olympus and the 14-42mm kit lens from Panasonic. Next year I will bring the 45mm with me on the funfair.

I hope you enjoyed the photo's of the funfair!


  1. How cool are the night shots!

  2. Wow! I love the effect of the lights! Very nice!! I am terrible with night and low light photography. And also under incredible sunny skies. Sigh~ :)

  3. Thank you! :]

    I had a mini tripod with me :] It also helps if you have a fast lens (like the 1.8) so you can shoot without a tripod for a longer period of time before it really, really gets to dark!