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Slot op den Hoef / Castle of Egmond

Slot op den Hoef, kasteel van Egmond, Castle of Egmond
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graaf Lamoraal van Egmond, Lamoraal van Egmond, count Lamoraal van Egmond, slot op den hoef
Back in the day, the chapel is to the left!
This is the Slot op den Hoef or the Kasteel Egmond (Castle of Egmond). It has quite a bit of a tumultuous history. It was built in 1129. Eventually, it was burned to the ground in 1573 to prevent it from getting into Spanish hands.
The statue is from count Lamoraal van Egmond. He started draining the Egmond and Bergerlake. He stood up for the oppressed people and so the Spanish ruler wanted to get rid of him. In 1568 he was decapitated, by command of Alva, together with the count of Hoorne, on the Big Market in Brussel.

Apperently the chapel can be visited during the national monument day, but you are free to walk around the ruins, you can walk in the ruins as well by crossing a bridge. Didn't do it, will do it next time!

Sadly, because I swapped my 45mm for my kitlens (to get that first picture) I now have dust on my sensor. Damn it. :x

(Part 2: Slot op den Hoef - Castle of Egmond part 2)


  1. wow. that is quiet a bit of history there! i have a thing with medieval stories and history! :)

  2. i love history. i always dream of exploring a castle and finding something out of it. hha

  3. i hope you get the dust and was an interesting place :3