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Olympus 45mm f1.8 & a Foxglove and a Bee

 Oh no, not another plant post!  Yes, sorry, plants seems to be popular these days! Don't worry, I plan to visit several musea soon and photograph some other things!
The top one, taken a few weeks ago when it was sunny is taken with the ever so great Canon Powershot A640. I will still use it for macro as I can get up to 1cm close, as you can see here. However, on Monday I finally got the camera I've been longing for!

It's the Lumix G5 (a M4/3, system camera) and the standard 14-42mm kit lens + a Olympus 45mm f1.8.
I love the Oly! It's fast, it's sharp and it's awesome! And the G5 is totally awesome too, it's small, light and pretty darn fast! :D

So, same plant, few weeks later and not so up close (I can get up to 30~cm close with the Oly lens)


  1. Wow, very nice pictures ^___^

  2. I'm loving all your flower posts. Very pretty!