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Macro Photography - Geraniums & Alchemilla mollis

My mother and I were sitting in the backyard, and we were both taking pictures. My mother with a 50D + 70-200mm Canon 2.8 L lens, and me with my small point-and-shoot. I was complaining about my little powershot (A640, Canon) that I couldn't get those fancy blurred out background etc. And I said "well, go ahead and give it a try!" and I handed her my Canon. If you ever watched DigitalrevTV on YouTube where they have the "Pro tog, cheap camera challenge" series, I can tell you, they could challenge my mother too! So, after feeling like I was a total "dipshit", I tried once again and came up with these. (Although, the top picture is a little older, the other two are taken a few days ago)

So, what do we learn? That that's why my mother is a pro and I am not. And that I still have a whole, whole lot to learn. It's not about the camera, settings or technical parts, but more about the view to capture that shot.

Oh well, at such moments I still feel like I should stick with my old camera instead of buying a mirrorless.

Did you ever had that feeling? And what do you think about the pictures?


  1. Zelf experimenteren is je beste leermeester c:
    Ook al heb je de hyper modernste technieken,
    je kan ook mooie foto's maken met een
    analoog camera! Succes & have fun! Xx

  2. i think these are wonderful shots!

  3. I think the pictures look gorgeous. I especially love the first one.

  4. I think the photos are beautiful and I think there is always room to learn when it comes to photography. Sometimes the best shot has zero to do with how good the camera is.