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One Third - A project on food waste

"One Third" is a photograph project by Klaus Pichler. According to a UN study 1/3 of all the food in the world goes to waste. On the other side, there are 925 million people around the world threatened by starvation. Klaus arranges rotting food to a pretty still live, that is, until you look at them up close!

Do you try to cook and buy food that you only need so that you don't throw it away if you have too much?

Chocolate cookies

Want to see all of them? This here is his official website, and then click on projects -> one third.


  1. Sterk boodschap met mooie foto's! Prachtig, ook
    al zijn ze bedorven :P xx

  2. I swear this is the first (non beauty, fashion related) post that caught my attention. I do agree that we people are wasting so much food and the statistic (1/3 of the food produced are rotten or thrown) is a total shock. I wonder when people will realized this mistake. Prolly when 50% of the futile land goes into waste land? But it will take an even longer time for people to correct this mistake that we made, intentionally or unintentionally.