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And then I did 5K!

Running and trying to take a picture.
Running and trying to take a picture.
Yes ladies & gentleman, I actually run a 5K! :D  I started around 10 weeks ago, and stopped for 2 weeks because it looked like I had shin splints. I can't believe I started with running only 1 minute and now I am at 5K under 35 minutes! I've run a 5K twice now, yesterday and Friday evening. I am ready to run the 5K with my friend together with 2998 other people on Wednesday evening.

Even though I got injured and it still doesn't feel completely pain free in my lower leg, especially the shin area, it really is a joy to run. I ran with the 5Krunner: 0 to 5K app and the Nike Running app, and of course, with some nice songs.

Let's hope I can do 5K under 35 minutes on Wednesday too!

If you're out there running, have a happy run!


  1. Oh wow how nice! Ik zou het niet lukken :P
    mijn conditie is 0,0% !

  2. ik heb net comment achtergelaten XD mr die zie k niet meer?

    Ik zei:

    Great job! Ik wil ook graag hardlopen :)

    Thanks voor je berichtje! :) ik heb idd lang niet geblogd.
    Had het heel druk op de uni maar ik wil graag weer regelmatig bloggen :) (want ik mis bloggen heel erg! :( ). Dus een comeback soon XD

    (hopelijk zie k zometeen niet 2 berichten vn mij haha XD)

    xx Dewi

  3. Congrats! Thats so impressive!

    I meant to tell you, I received the most beautiful letter in the mail today! It's on such wonderful stationery and I plan to showcase it soon.

    Take care,

     d a n i e l l e

  4. Very impressed! I can bare run 2.4 km.

  5. Thank you! :D
    & That's great! :D