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Alkmaar City Run by Night

Yes, we did it! Me and my friend. 5K, under 35 minutes (we had around 33minutes actually!). We had our ups and downs while training, injuries, she had barely time to train. I must say, thumbs up for my friend. She went from 20 minutes running to 35 at once, and only had one 5K run before the actual event. Kuddo's to her, I couldn't do it!

We will definitely come back to do it next year! It was a great event, everyone had a great mood, the weather wasn't bad and random people on the street cheered us on. Some even read my name on my tag with the number and cheered me own. How great is that? I had a great evening together with my friend!

Did you ever join a running event or match? How was it for you?


  1. Congratulationssss c: xx

  2. congrats thats a great time for 5k!!

  3. Oh congratulations sweetie!

    Now I´m following you in GFC and bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back

  4. Good on you! I haven't done one of those running events before but I might give one a go when I can actually run that far, haha.

  5. Hi Raimar! Thanks! :]
    Thank you for following me, but I have no interest in make up at all, so I must say your blog is not really suited for me. I'm sure you'll find someone who will love your blog! :]

  6. I'm sure you'll love them! Have a soon recovery and good luck with running! :]