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Kachina Dolls and Mayan End of The World (Museum of Volkenkunde)

Part 4, (view part onetwo and three), of my trip to the Museum of Volkenkunde in Leiden.

Translation of the picture above:
"A doll of a ghost. These are Kachina dolls. They are made by the Hopi-Indians, for the girls of the tribe. Kachina's are ghosts. They all have their own name. There are clowns for example, grasshoppers and a chieftain. They help the Hopi-Indians: they bring rain and sun, but also punish people who make mistakes"

Kachina dolls
These two just remind me an awful lot of studio Ghibli with Spirited Away!

mayan skeletons, end of the world mayan, mayan calander
mayan skeleton playing guitar
skeleton pictures
 If you want to see the end of the world part of the museum, it's there to view till 12th of May.

aluminium cabin, Tellem Burail Caves, Tellem Burial Caves cabin,
Replica of the aluminium cabin used to hoist archaelogist up the cliff face in 1964 to examine the Tellem Burail Caves. Made by Keijsjers Interior Projects on the basis of the original drawings from 1963. (Text from museum)

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  1. The 2nd and the 3rd picture totally
    remind me of Spirited Away c:

    Nice museum trip again!