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New Habits (Running)

I started running 3 weeks ago! I really like it, I love to go early in the morning, with some good music and just go. I run with the Nike+ app, but to train I use the 5K runner. Sadly, due to running with bad shoes (they were sport shoes, but not running) I've got shin splints, ouch! I hope that a week's rest will be enough and that next Saterday I can start training again.
Together with my friend were going to participate in a local city run, and we're going to do the 5K. It will be close though, it's only 6 weeks ahead, and I am still at the end of week 2 with the app. I really have to walk 3 times a week to make it on time!

Wish me luck! & Thank you for reading!


  1. Awwh keep it up! I've recently started running to train for tough mudder in August. It's so difficult! No pain no gain though right?! Good luck with your training!! ^^

  2. good job on running, it's so healthy for you and definitely make you feel better after the workout!! good luck with the 5k!

  3. Thank you and thanks for following me! :D

  4. good job with your health! i really need to start to get into fitness again myself, esp. with the summer coming up! hope you can figure out the calibration with your monitor!
    xx rae

  5. Thank you! :D We officially signed in so it's on now! :P
    Calibration is all sorted out, thanks! :]
    What do you do to get in shape?