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Shi Cheng - the submurged city

The city of Shi cheng under water. (Photo: Chinese National Geography)
The city of Shi cheng under water. (Photo's by Chinese National Geography)

qiandao lake, shi cheng, submurged city
Shi Cheng - the submurged city
Shi Cheng - the submurged city, chinese lion,
Xinanjiang Hydroelectric Station
Xinanjiang Hydroelectric Station
Behold, this is Shi Cheng City (or Lion City), fully emerged and still intact underwater.

The city of nearly 1,339 years of age, situated in east China's Zhejiang Province, has been submerged under Qiandao Lake since 1959 for the construction of the Xin'an River Dam.

The city is in excellent condition because it is shielded from erosion by wind, rain and sun. As you can see on the pictures the stairs, walls and memorial arches (265 of them) remain the same as they were thousand of years ago.

It once was the center of politics, exonomix and culture of Sui'an Country in the area. Now it's perfectly conserved. According to the restored map of Shi Cheng, there were five city gates in all directions. The gates each have their own tower. Six streets were used to connect each of the corners of the city to create a whole. These typical roads were stone roads, tidily paved with pebbles and flagstone.


  1. So pretty! Like a ghostown underwater :P xx