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Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures (part 1)

Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten, Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures, Anubis,
Anubis, one of the Egyptians gods, could have easily been one of the first sights Howard Carter may have seen upon entering the grave of Tutankhamun! Tutankhamun's grave was one of the few graves that remained in their original state with all the treasures that came with it!

I visited the Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten / Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures in the Amsterdam Expo. However, the original treasures are to fragile to travel, hence there were replica's at the expo! The exhibition can be viewed until the 5th of May. 

Since I got a lot of pictures I divided the post in two! Next post will feature mostly Tutankhamun and his grave/statues. This post will contain his treasures and other Egyptian artefacts.

"Het Dal der Koningen", the red box, is the Valley of the Kings, near Thebe/Luxor
In real life, this is the Valley of the Kings.

When they tried to remove any signs/references to Tutankhamun they forgot to check the back of the statue, hence this name is in it's original state.

Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten, egyptische sieraden, Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures, Egyptian jewellery
Egyptian jewellery, Tutankhamun, Toetanchamon zijn graf
 This is Egyptian jewellery, pretty neat isn't it!?

The walls of Tutankhamun's tomb
The walls of Tutankhamun's tomb, plated in gold!

One of Tutankhamun hobbies was hunting with the carriage, here he might have fallen and gotten the injury on his knee, which is believed to be his death cause along with malaria.

Part two is here: Tutankhamun and his grave/statues!


  1. Wah, I love Egyptian art! It always looks so regal. Happy new year to you, too!x

    d a n i e l l e |

  2. Wow! it must be a feast for the eyes, seeing all these things in person. I wish I could go to Egypt one day. *u* Happy new year! <3

  3. I always wanted to go to cairo.. i know his story.. I am fascinated by history... can't wait for post 2..


  4. Oh wat gaaf zeg!

  5. Ik wil het ook bezoeken, lijk
    me heel mooi c:

    En beterschap met je buikgriep!


  6. De expo is wel heel erg kort hoor! Je bent er zo doorheen! :[

    Bedankt! Het gaat al weer wat beter! :]

  7. The real treasures are in Cairo, I'd love to go to someday!