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Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures (part 2)

Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten / Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures, Anubis, Anubis statue, Stanbeeld van Anubis,
I visited the Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten / Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures in the Amsterdam Expo. However, the original treasures are to fragile to travel, hence there were replica's at the expo! The exhibition can be viewed until the 5th of May.

If you missed part 1, it's here: Tutankhamun - His Tomb and its treasures!

Wearning!!! There is an image of Tutankhamun's mummy at the end of the entry, discretion is advised if you don't like mummies!
The sarcophagus was richly decorated with encryptions and a layer of gold!

Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten / Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures, sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, sarcofaag van Toetanchamon
The last layer inside the sarcophagus, the mummy and it's mask!

Toetanchamon, zijn graf & zijn schatten / Tutankhamun - his tomb and its treasures, Troon van Toetanchamon, throne of Tutankhamun
A very luxurious throne!

Decorated boxes with the Ankh symbol.

These figures were all around the tomb inside, they was one of them at each side, probably for "protection".

These were the doors and walls that led to the sarcophagus!

Masker van Toetanchamon, Mask of Tutankhamun
The mask of Tutankhamun, although it's nice, if you look at the eyes you can clearly see it's a replica. The original mask doesn't have the eyes looking up.

Tutankhamun's mummy
Tutankhamun's mummy, he has one fractured knee, and a hole in his skull!NO MORE MUMMIES NOW!

Although the replica's looked quite nice (except for the Mask, the eyes are very different), I missed the part of were you realize you're next to the coffin of Tutankhamun, it doesn't feel special. Besides that the Expo is very small, and the exhibition even more! You get two view two movies in two chambers, then you have 2 halls were all the replica's are. If I wasn't taken pictures my friend & I would have been done in less than 30 minutes! Quite a shame. You could use a headphone to hear background information but after a while my friend and I didn't bother because they had way too much information for each single thing in the Expo. It wasn't as the one in the Roman Baths, which was just right.
As a student I paid €16,- for a ticket, and €2,- for administration & the cost for paying by Ideal. My friend who is still 18 paid €10,-. I'd say, if you can go for €10,- bucks, you should go, if not, buy yourself a nice book about ancient Egypt with pictures and information, that would be more nice!


  1. Net als bij Discovery Channel :P love it!

    En bedankt voor je camera info! Ik heb
    altijd gewerkt zonder stablisator dus :P
    En ik kan altijd de sluitertijd/diafragma
    ik denk dat ik toch voor die Canon ga!
    Panasonic is zeker geen slechte optie c:
    Een vriend werkt ook met een Panasonic!


  2. Haha bedankt, I love Dpreview c:

  3. Thanks for the recommendation - Egyptian burials always amaze me the most, as they treat the afterlife so literally, making sure to give the dead elaborate homes and furnishings even after death.

    d a n i e l l e |

  4. Very unique! I bet it's totally different seeing up it up close rather than in pictures.

  5. I've always been a bit interested in Ancient Egypt, so this is too cool! I saw some mummies at the British Museum last year, the idea of it being right there was kind of weird...

  6. It is! It's too bad though they were replica's. I do recommend you to go to an exhibition with the real deal, I bet it would be marvelous!

    Thank you for your comment! :]

  7. I bet standing next to a real mummy would be weird! Did the British Museum had a full expo about ancient Egypt back then?

  8. No problem!
    Weet je al welke camera je neemt?

  9. I think they have a permanent collection on Ancient Egypt.