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Najib Amhali - Motoragent

Najib Amhali is a stand up comedian in the Netherlands. He is originally from Morocco. I thought this part was great, and well here it is on my blog! For the people who don't speak Dutch, I gave a rough translation below with the seconds next to it. I hope you can understand it and have a laugh as I did!

Rough translation:
Three weeks ago I was pulled over, again. Completely justified 'cause I was calling in the car like this. 160 euro (the fine). And I have a car-kit. Folks, I was the first with a car-kit, believe me. On the black market, seven years ago, you could buy one of those car-kits with a suction cup, you had to lick it like so, and stick it on your dashboard, and put your phone in it. And I've licked that thing, and then it fell down again, get the dust of it and pop (on the dashboard again). But one day I though: the guy where I bought it from probably tested it: '*lick lick* yeah, is good.' (0:42) (laughs) And then I had my phone on the car-kit and someone calls. 'Hello with Najib.' 'Krreeuhgh. kreuh bliebg' 'You're on car-kit, you have to talk louder.' 'KREEUGH KREUHHGH BLUEBLIBLIEB.' (picks up phone). 'Do you hear me now?' (0:58) 'YEAH now I do!' So I drive like that, trough Amsterdam and I stop at a traffic light. And suddenly, out of nowhere, an motor cop! Vrrrrrrrrrmm. (1:06) And I see him and I drop my phone instantly and I think 'Oh shit!'. I have never seen myself look so hypocritical. 'Oh no... shiiiit.' (1:14) And then I thought, don't look at him, then he hasn't seen it! And the traffic light stayed red! As if the cop has a device to influence the traffic light. (1:27) At some point I lost my patience, maybe he's gone. So I turn my head very carefully and I see him doing this: "Mhuwhahaha" (1:34) I roll the window down and instantly he says: 'Sir that's 160 euro's. Ey, you know that'.  And I keep playing, 'hmm? 160 euros?' And I hear the phone on my lap. 'Kreaauhg Blieblueblueh' (lauhgs) (1:47) *pushes legs together to muffle the sound*. And a whole lecture about safety while driving and handsfree blahblah blah. In the end the guy is completely right. But I still try to fool him: 'Hm?? Phone? Ghehee...' I say: 'Nice bike.' They (the motor cops) are sensitive for that, you should try it. 'Hm? What, oh, thank you! Eh.. Now I see it, you're Amhali right?' Najib Amhali, now I see it. Well, for this time I let you go, or else you will be joking about it! (2:18) *raises eyebrow* Yess.. That's my image yeah!


  1. thanks for stopping by and following my blog :) unfortunately it is a bit hard to follow this comedian as an english speaker but the translation was very thoughtful :) i also watched the video down below with the japanese cheating technology. really funny :) i will be back to check on more posts! following you via blog lovin now darling.
    xx rae

  2. Thanks for stopping by too! :D