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Catfish (film)

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The otherday Catfish was shown on TV. Catfish is a sort of real life documentary about Facebook. Nev, the main character in this takes pictures and places them on his Facebook. On day he receives a painting of his picture, made by the 8 year old Abby. They start talking to eachother trough Facebook and eventually Nev speaks with the whole family, including Megan, the older sister. Megan and Nev share a lot of hobbies and Nev falls in love with Megan. One day Megan sent Nev a few songs, saying she made them. By accident Nev and his friends find out that the songs are not made by her but by others. Megan is lying! But what else is behind this? Nev and his friends go for a surprise visit to find out the truth!

Spoiler and opinion (with spoilers) behind the break!

Nev finds out that Megan doesn't exist! In fact, Angela, Abby's mother is the one behind it all. Angela has several facebook accounts (Megan's and her "friends") to make it look real. Abby doesn't paint, the mother does. Angela is not like the paintings at all. Abby's parents are married, but Abby is their only child. The Father has two retarded suns from a previous marriage.

What shocked me is that it's very easy to create another live (or several ones in this case) online. Not just on Facebook ofcourse, and to pretend your someone else is nothing new. But that the Mother invented this all, having several accounts, two phones and just stealing pictures of others on the internet to create her characters...? Nev and his friends found out easily were they were living, thanks to the photo's they shared and Google Maps. After confronting Angela she doesn't stop, in fact "Megan" get's a new name and a new life story. It is only after one of their sons died, Angela shuts down all the accounts of "Megan's friends" and changes the profile of Megan to her own, promoting her own artwork.

Lessons learned: be careful and don't trust everything you see. If it's too good to be true, it usually is!

However, I must say, I met my penpal in real life, I found her on the internet. I met many nice bloggers (that means you) online. I must also say the internet is great!

Want to see it? Get a copy her or go for more information to the official site: Catfish at Iamrogue


  1. i have heard about this movie before - i sort of already knew part of the ending but i will not read your spoilers because i do want to see the movie for myself! i really hope you enjoyed it!! and i think the internet can also be a great place where bloggers and others can connect and create lasting friendships :) so it isn't all bad but there is always that threat that people are not exactly who they say they are ... still i think on a lifestyle or fashion blog it would be pretty hard to keep up that charade for too long, what with all the personal posts and all.
    xx rae

  2. You should watch it! :3

    Hm.... I think it's quite do-able. If you were to snatch pictures from all around the world wide web, make up a story and stick with it. In case you don't remember you could just read your posts back. You should really watch it, you'll see :] Let me know what you think about it!

  3. I got two accounts of FB one for my
    blog and one for real friends/family.
    But this is pretty insane to create a
    whole fake account! By your mum!
    Wel sneu voor Nevje :P


  4. I've watched the TV show, but not the movie. I'd like the think I'm more internet savvy than those in the TV show, because I found it odd that they didn't think it was weird their online boy/girlfriend had only 5 friends/1 photo on facebook!

  5. In the movie she had up to 8 friends I believe, and several photo's too!
    I did not know there was a TV show too!

  6. yeah it is easy to create another life online for sure! even for blogs people only post the best of so to the world they only see what the person wants them to see

  7. I haven't seen this film but I love how the title Catfish is reflective of the underlying message about how easy it can be for predators to bait their prey.

  8. True! But then again, I wouldn't bore my friends with telling I've spent the whole day watching tv or stuf on the PC :P