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On the Road Lessons (AVD) - part 2

Excuse the blurry picture but it's a panorama of a trip to Austria, German and more! If you click on source you can view all the pictures of their trip (even their lunch but oh well!), glorious sights if you ask me!

So, how am I doing with my lessons on the road? Well, it depends really! I had a period where I slowed down too much before taking a turn or that I didn't get up to speed fast enough after a turn. That's improving! I even went to about 100km (on a normal highway) in a few seconds, if that wasn't fast enough, I don't know! :p
I avoid the white stripes on the road nicely, sometimes I do go over a manhole cover because I see them too late. The tight turns into a small street are a bit of a problem as I take them to spacious and end up on the other side of the road, but it's getting better now so I can take them as I should!

Overall, I ride okay, I keep my position in the middle of the road, go a little to the right if a truck or bus is coming my way. A stupid thing is that I sometimes "forget" to give way to people from left (especially inside villages or something) and I don't know why because I have my car license and I know right goes first and when I'm in the car I stop but on the bike... what the?
Oh well, I have another 3 hours to get rid of that before my exam is up! (Monday, 14:55, wish me luck!)
My instructor said he 's confident about the exam, I don't know myself because the last lesson I didn't have a nice flow and I found my ride to be sloppy, but I hope he's right ofcourse! I passed my car exam in one time,  also the first motorcycle exam at once so let's do this exam in one time too!

I hope that I can post that I passed on Monday! :D


  1. Oh toffe foto's van die roadtrip! En succes. : )

  2. Woah, you're cool! It's rare to see a female driving a motorcycle, many props to you :D You definitely seem to know what you're doing, so I won't be surprised if you pass. Either way, good luck on the exam!

  3. Thank you very much! :D
    I hope I pass! But it will always be something you don't know till they tell you! :x thanks for wishing me luck!
    On a side note, could you post your blog link, that would make it easier for me to contact you!

  4. Oh that's really weird about how the road rules are different for cars and bikes?! Good luck for your test!