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My final motorcycle exam! (AVD examen)

Today was the day of my exam! It was lovely weather, sunny and not that cold! I had one lesson before the exam, and during the exam it was getting cloudy, but dry!

I started my exam with reading a numberplate on 50 meters distance and two questions about the bike. What's important about the tires and how and where do I check the motoroil! Easy!

Then it was time to ride, me on the motorcycle, my instructor and examiner in the car! It went okay, we turned for a small road between the grassland. My turns could be smoother but I kept my pace!

Getting back on the normal road I had to cross a roundabout, no problem. But changing gear and thinking I was in second (good for this roundabout) I was in first! The bike got really shaky, I was scared as hell! I quickly switch to second gear and even ended on third gear! Yikes! After that I felt I did a sloppy ride, kept my pace and looked well and so on, but mhew... nothing spectacular :x

Going back to the starting point (CBR, Central Bureau of Drivingskills), I parked the bike (with a smooth turn this time xD) and I waited. My instructor and the examiner where still in the car. Where they smiling? I couldn't read their faces! We walked back upstairs and there it was. The moment of truth! Did I pass?
I did! :DDD

Two lame things though:
- I have to wait till Friday till I request my license, and then I have to wait another week before I can pick it up.
- My dad promised to drop me and pick me up, on my bike, but when we were ready and fully geared the clutch died... Great, that's gonna cost me some more money and more time before I can finally ride my bike.

Total costs of the lessons and exams?
€ 2274,- ( I had 41 hours of lessons, 21 hours for the bike control, 18 for the traffic hours and two hours combined.
Other costs:
I need a new helmet, probably around € 250,-
Pants € 60,-
Summer gloves and boots €65,-
Wintergloves €15,- (gift)
A hat for under the helmet €6,- (Had to do this because I used the helm of the school)
Motorcycle €700,- (200 for replacing parts and 500 gifted by my late grandfather)
Getting the bike to 25kW €150,-
Gasket needs to be replaced €100,-
License €46
Total: €1392

Combined cost: €3629
You really don't want to know how broke I am right now.... ; _ ;
but I passed! And that's good because I have no money for new lessons and another exam!


  1. Gefeliciteerd meid wat goed zeg c:
    Ben jij dat op die foto?
    En wow, motorlessen zijn duur...


  2. Hey! Bedankt! ^_^
    Nee, dat is iemand van Google haha :p
    Ja ik betaalde eerst €45 per les en toen €46,- dankzij btw verhogingen, en die examens van €100 en €220 zijn ook echt te duur! :x Worden kleine kerstkadotjes dit jaar, haha xP

  3. This is so exciting! Congratulations!

    <3 Melissa