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David Uhl - The Woman of Harley Davidson / Vintage Pin-Up Series

David Uhl  - The Woman of Harley Davidson, David Uhl - Evelyn,
David UHL - Seventy and Counting

David Uhl  - The Woman of Harley Davidson, Catch of The Day
David Uhl - Ruth
David Uhl Daytona 2011

David Uhl's Website 

This is just a small collection of David Uhl's amazing artwork! It all Harley Davidson, but oh it's so wonderfully done! I had the "Catch of The Day" (the one with the fish) on my phone for a long time and I finally found out who made it, luckily for me, I also found a lot more! I hope you like them just as much as I do! If you want to buy them however, prepare to lay down a whole lot of money. (I think a HD motorcycle is cheaper then some of his work! :x)

I picked up my license two days ago, and my motorcycle will be repaired next Friday! Then I have to let it tune back to 25kW, get a helmet and can (finally!) go for a ride! I hope the weather will be nice! :x

Have a nice weekend everyone! I am off to work and study!


  1. Teheh I thought they were pictures c:
    Very nice art!


  2. I wish I was as shapely as the lady in the fourth painting!

  3. Those pictures are so cool!