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Motorcycle lessons: On The Road!

And we're back with the first on the road lessons (AVD)!

On Friday afternoon I was back at the driving school ready for the "intest", which is an hour long drive and based on that the instructor says how many hours you need and when you can do your exam!
We had lovely weather, sunny & dry! I was together with another guy who was also doing his intest! After a nice drive, going on and of the highway, driving trough the city and going around 80 km it was time to head back to the school!
We both got the compliments from our instructor, we both used the side mirrors well and looked ahead at turns! I got the advice of 10-12 hours and then I would be ready for my exam! Good enough for me! :D

Last Friday I had another two hour of driving around! Scumbag weather, luckily it wasn't as bad at the time I had to drive! This instructor (he's hired by my driving school) has been my instructor for a while now, especially for the first part of the exam! So, we take a nice trip, going 80km again, this time I realised my helmet is waaaaay too big for me, luckily I can use one from the driving school. I did held back because I though it would be very slippery, but that's wasn't the case. I also wasn't determined enough when it came to small turns and getting on the main road after a small street. Why? Those are the things when I have to make a turn at slow speed, and I am still not comfortable with that! :x
This instructor also didn't agree with the advice of 10/12 hours, and so I had to plan another 6 hours in my vacation/exam week! He said that I need to have more confidence on the road, and the only to increase that is to drive, drive and drive some more! I'm bumped that I have to do 6 more lessons (cost: €276,-) but I agree with him though!
And something funny! I borrowed gloves from the school as mine are getting too cold! I picked out the smallest I could find but still quite big and clumsy for me! So I honked twice instead of putting the direction on XDDD Oeps! First time: instructor: 'Did you do that?' 'I don't know?'. Second time: 'Okay it was me! Sorry! XD'  I'm thinking of doing my exam with my own gloves, I think I can survive half an hour in the cold! :x

My final exam is planned on the 12th of November, so think of me when it's Monday afternoon, 'cause that will be, the moment of truth! :x

I hope I pass, that will be just in time before the stupid new rules on beginner motorcyclist will go into affect! Tomorrow & Wednesday I'm driving again, two hours a day :] I hope the weather is nicer! :x


  1. I had been curious about your motorcycle lessons ever since you first mentioned it - be careful out there!

    d a n i e l l e |

  2. I didn't know getting your license took so much effort! Exams and classes? crazy! well, I guess I did take driver's ed for my automobile license too but I don't remember it being so tedious D: seems like you're enjoying it though so that's all that matters! be safe!

  3. Well basically here in the Netherlands you have to (re)do your theory exam. Even if you have a car drivers license. And you have two examsn, AVB (General Motorcycle Control) and AVD (General Traffic Participation), the AVD is just like taking car lessons.
    You can do the theory exam anytime you like, but it has to be before you start with the AVD lessons. If you passes the AVB exam you can start cruising around on the road. If you're ready to do the AVD exam and pass you have your license!
    I hope you understand what I just said :p If not, let me know!

  4. Will do! :D

    I'm glad you have Disqus now! :D