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Funfair at Nighttime

The Funfair in Alkmaar is annual. Even though I am not really a fan of the funfair rides, it is a great camera practice every year. ;]

Chaos Kermis Alkmaar
I wanted to ride the Chaos and even my my friend (who is no fan of rides or rollercoasters) did so too. However, this year the Chaos is way faster, higher and longer too! The ride lasts about 5 minutes!
That's a ride with 5G's (G-force).

Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Funfair, Rock It
Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Funfair, Rock It
The "Rock It"!

virtual world kermis alkmaar
The classic funfair picture! :3 Now in gif/animation too!
Have a nice weekend! Thank you for reading! <3


  1. Mij krijg je echt niet
    in de Chaos, no way!
    :P en jij ook veeel
    succes met je school!
    To victory!


  2. Ohh this looks so fun! I'm not a rollercoaster person though, haha. Loving the gifs!