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Funfair at Daytime

Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Funfair, Turbine
 "Screaaaaaam!" Pure terror on the kids face! XD

Kermis Alkmaar 2012

Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Rock It, Funfair
 Pure concentration on this girl as she went trough the mini obstacle course!

Translation: "Always a price, carry bags." They're basic plastic bags!
Maybe I should drive this bike instead! ;]

Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Funfair, Spookhuis, Ghost house, Haunted Mansion
Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Funfair, River Rafting, Wildwater rivier
Kermis Alkmaar 2012 Funfair, Riverrafting, wild water baan, wildwater rivier,
The river rafting was great! :D


  1. i haven't been to a carnival in SOOOO long! i'm not too fond of the carnivals here in hawaii because space is limited so we don't ahve cool rides. But I LOVE THESE RIDES IN THE PICS! makes me want to go to disneyland D:

  2. Probably the most
    versatile fair I have
    seen in Holland :o

    Die tasjes automaat
    is lame :P


  3. And there's more! :D
    Wait for the Night time post! :]

  4. Another reason to come to The Netherlands! :D