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Visit to Corfe Castle and Poole

My visit to Corfe Castle and Poole - picture heavy, beware! :D
It was also first time flying! My flight was at 7:15AM so I had pretty sunlight to take pictures! I get that "soft and cushy/plushy feeling" and the need to jump down on it when I see this! Anyone else has that?

It looks so tiny from above!

Great Britain in the early morning light!

Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle! The castle (or what's left of it) is coming down and some of it's walls are really crooked!

Corfe Castle wall 

The white in the middle of the picture is steam of the old train
You have a most amazing view. You can take a ride by a steam train if you like.

corfe castle The castle's interior.
 The castle's interior.

 The village you see is called Dorset.
If you like to visit Corfe Castle you can find the entrĂ©e fee (it's not free unfortunately) and opening times here, on the National Trust website.

At the end of the day we went to Poole which is famous for it's HUGE yachts. So here is one! I bet it cost a few millions!


  1. Glad you land safely!
    The pictures looks
    really gorgeous ^^
    It doesn't look like
    a castle anmore, more
    like ruins :P


  2. Thank you!
    I'm glad that you like them! :]

    True! Can you imagine what a sight it would have been if it was still up? It would have been pretty huge back then! ;]

  3. Great photos! I like the ''castle'' :)

  4. wonderful pictures. I love anything worn and old, including the remains of this castle :)

  5. Thank you :3
    It's worth a visit if you are going to the UK! :]

  6. Wow! Amazing photos! What awesome places you have visited! ;D

    Hope you're having a great week!


  7. Thank you! :]
    I hope you have a great week too! :3