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Trip to Bath

Bath Cathedral
Skyline CItyview of Bath, UK, United Kingdom
Sadly not the best picture but if you enter the city you have an amazing view! It's a lovely city and it's so comfy, casual and it feels like a small village. The small streets with the uneven stones reminded me of Paris. (Although I haven't been to Paris before, so maybe I should say Paris from the movies?)

Boston Tea Party, Bath, Cappuccino
Boston Tea Party, Bath, Jasmine Tea, Brownie
Boston Tea Party, Bath, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon
My sister and I sat down at the "Boston Tea Party", I had a very nice Jasmine tea and she had a cappuccino. I had a brownie and she had mini pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Sooooo yummy! Next time I go to Bath I am ordering those pancakes as well! :3

town square bath
One of the lovely town squares in Bath.

Bath Cathedral
One of the cathedrals near the entrance of the Roman Baths (You can view my post about the Roman Baths: Roman Baths)

Sat down for a cup of tea. This was actually green tea. It wasn't so nice, but our view was when we had tea!
Streets of Bath
I love those tiny streets!

Park Bath, Music in Bath, Garden of Bath
Park Bath, Music in Bath, Garden of Bath, Crown,
A local park, there was music too. It had an entrance fee though :x

Bath river Avon
We took a boat trip on the river Avon.

And on the way back to Holland! Too bad I was on the wrong side of the plane so I couldn't actually capture the sunset! :[


  1. Great photos! that garden looks lovely.

    LOVE BO,

  2. Ah Bath, I'd really like to go there one day! Look at that country skyline, and those flower beds! Absolutely breathtaking!!

  3. I also loved the view from the hills. I didn't expect that at all. Such a nice surprise on arrival!
    Also, my new "About" photo was taken on that square! It looks nicer in the summer, though. :)

    Bath reminded us a lot (A LOT) of France (cities like Bordeaux, La Rochelle, etc.). It was a really weird feeling.

  4. Hah, what a coincidence with your about photo :p
    It was very lovely in the summer. I wasn't expecting the hills at all too. A shame, because the way we entered the city looked so much nicer that where I took the picture!

    I must say I don't know much about France, I've been there as a kid, but that was on a campsite, so we (as kids) were just basically running from the beach to the great pool all day long, so not much culture! I'd love to visit France some time again, perhaps with the Thalys to Paris. I haven't seen that either! :o

    Must have felt a bit like home then?