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Roman Baths

Roman Baths, Bath, UK, Romans,
Welcome to the Roman Baths in Bath! :D

As you enter you step out on a sort of balcony looking down on the Bath. Great views too on the Cathedral and the city.

Details on the ceiling in the entrance hall.

This is how it looked back in the days, pretty huge isn't it!

The entrance of the Temple.

An old Roman grave beneath the floor.

Is it just me or does this guy had a really Roman face or did I just watch to many Asterix & Obelix and other Roman movies?

Huge mosaic on the floor!

There were several animations throughout the place to show you how their daily life was.

roman baths pipe clay figurine
"This pipe clay figurine was found behind the Temple. Dogs are associated with several gods and goddesses including Diana and Aesculapius, both know from Aquae Sulis."

Old coins! Some are so small compared to today's coins!

This water was warm! You could try some of the water, I didn't like it and because it's warm it's also the perfect place for germs! D:

Tiny mosaics for sale!

roman bath, main bath roman
View of the main bath.

Coins, coins everywhere!

More animations on the walls!

The Roman Baths are easy to find, not free to enter and definitely worth it! I really recommend to use the audio tour too! It's a casual and nothing too deep but lots of information about the statues, the baths and so on!


  1. Olivia Giovanni8 August 2012 at 13:05

    wow! bath looks gorgeous! thinking of going there next year :)

  2. Die historische gebouwen
    zijn prachtig! En yay for
    good weather c:


  3. You should! It's absolutely lovely! :]

  4. stunning pictures.

    christian | my blog :

  5. so beautiful. how i long to travel europe one day!

  6. Beautiful. I can't wait to visit the Baths! :)